Recycled materials

Green Manufacturing at Unibind. Unibind cares about the environment and the future health of the earth. As part of our commitment to eco-friendly 'green manufacturing', Unibind has undertaken several eco-friendly initiatives to cut down on our carbon footprint and increase our use of recycled products.

  Recycle   Solar panels

Wind Energy

Unibind headquarters in Puurs, Belgium have installed 2 windmills on company property. These windmills were built in partnership with Eneco Energy and its subsidiary Air Energy. These 2 wind turbines produce 2.3 MW each, the equivalent of the annual consumption of 3000 households, saving about 2800 Tons of CO2 emissions. The locally renewable electricity is used entirely by Unibind. The windmill project began in July 2011.



Recycling plays an important role in Unibind's production process. Waste management is an entirely separate process. The board for our hard covers and almost all other cardboard used in our production is also made from 100% recycled material.


Moving Forward

Production facilities and offices will partially switch to green, renewable energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A solar panel project is also underway as another means to reduce emissions.